Tribes For Good

We grow good food and build happy communities.

We make giant banana chips that are not only snackable but meet the local and global standard for quality. We hope to cultivate more dedicated giant banana farmers in the Philippines and empower them to produce something they love and earn right from it.

Health means not only one’s personal health but also building sustainable, thriving, and grounded communities. Our banana chips are all-natural and packed with nutrients such as potassium and fiber. Our banana chips are not artificial sugar-coated because when the Giant Saba is ripened enough, it’s ripe and just the right sweetness we can enjoy.

We thrive and see to it that we promote good health down from our roots up to the fruits of our labor where everyone can enjoy banana benefits together!

The Good Tribe

Banana Chief’s Team continues to contribute to its local community through enterprise collaborations and agri-innovations. We aspire to see a growing community in love for healthier and more-natural food and beverage options that also promote our local strength in agriculture! Given the richness of this vast land, the Philippines needs to take notice of dedicated Filipinos who make our country shine and proud by producing high-quality products. Banana Chief’s Team is a formidable partner with such a mission and vision.

Our Giant Impact

Banana Chief’s future impact is to be a part of positive food utilization and combating common health issues brought about by unhealthy snacks. Elevating the quality of banana chips, is in itself healthier, and yet still caters to the Filipino brand. Banana Chief’s is the Philippines’ key model in social innovation in this area.